Gwen's Cookbook

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The Origin of Gwen’s Cookbook

This site houses the toddler-friendly recipes for Gwen’s Cookbook. These recipes use iconography heavily and try to limit vocabulary to simple “easy reader” words with minimal cooking jargon.

Gwen’s Cookbook was inspired by my love of baking with my daughter, Gwendolyn (3 1/2). We’ve been baking together for some time, and I’ve developed a system that allows her to truthfully say that she made the food we are eating.

For Christmas 2019, I took many of our favorite recipes, and wrote them up in a format that Gwen could use herself to drive the process of making some of our tried and true recipes. For more details, check out How To DIY A Kids Cookbook.

Cooking with Gwen's Cookbook

For full details on how we bake together, complete with photos from a recent baking session, check out my post on How To Bake With Your Preschooler.

Our Recipes

These are recipes that we've tried out a number of times, and that work well for us